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Premium Flamed Claro Walnut

GA-2 Walnut Cutaway.JPG (63404 bytes)

Many tone woods used for backs and sides grow south of the United States or in  Africa, but Claro Walnut grows in the western U.S. Its popularity as a tonewood continues to grow because it is so pretty and imparts a very nice tone very similar to Maple or Mahogany. Its beauty is unsurpassed and is often available with lots of flame and interesting figure. Some folks may find the tone little on the bright side for the smaller guitars such as a Grand Concert. It is much more balanced on the larger instruments and has the volume to hold its own in a group setting. It pairs up great with a Sitka Spruce top.    

Paired with a Bearclaw Sitka

GA-2 Walnut Cutaway Back 150 dpi.JPG (57378 bytes)
Walnut w/Flamed Koa Binding