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 Premium Flamed/Figured Koa


Koa is one of the most sought after woods in the instrument craft today because of it's beauty and tonal responsiveness. From Hawaii, this wood is in the Acacia family. It is available in many shades and contrasts. It often is found to have unbelievable interlocking flame, and contrasting figure. It is truly a sight to see! Koa is often used as a top wood as well as on the back and sides of guitars. There is usually a slight trade-off on tone for beauty when use for the top when compared to Sitka or Engelmann Spruce, but many folks like the tone. When use for sides and back and paired with an Engelmann top, the result is very striking. It's tone is well balanced for fingerstyle instruments. It imparts sparkling highs and wonderful sustain but has less bass than rosewood.  

Koa Ave Back Cutaway 72.jpg (56521 bytes)

Koa Ave Black top close1 72.jpg (46543 bytes)

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