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Standard Details and Options Gallery 

Tasteful blends of color, and unique
inlay designs are a departure from
the everyday look of a guitar.

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             ~Elegance, ... pure and simple ~

     Above: Sheppard Madrigal Grand Auditorium Custom Guitar
             w/Bosnian Spruce top, Brazilian Rosewood back
                  and sides, and African Blackwood binding.



Pearl Inlay of the highest quality
ensures the richest iridescent color. 




Choice Blue Paua pearl rosette.

Blue Paua/African Blackwood rosette.

Standard .135" Select Blue Paua Pearl Rosette w/ Bois De Rose Cutaway
Bevel and extended fingerboard w/ Avalon Jewel inlay markers


Paua Heart/Koa wood rosette


Paua Heart/Walnut burl rosette




Snakewood rosette w/Snakewood bevel
  and binding on African Blackwood body.



 Various unique overlay woods,
nut materials, and pearl designs
available from simple to complex. 




Ellis Rose on Headstock

Narrowline Blue Paua pearl on Cocobolo
Rosewood headstock overlay

Narrowline Blue Paua pearl on
Brazilian Rosewood headstock overlay

 Brazilian Rosewood headstock overlay

Simple Rose and Sheppard logo w/o binding

Left-handed 12-String headstock

Narrow Line Blue Paua pearl
 on Cocobolo headstock overlay

Optional traditional headstock

Ellis Rose on Ebony headstock overlay

Emily Ellis rosebud logo


12-String headstock



Brazilian Overlay with African Blackwood
 binding and simple red line.


Brazilian Overlay with African Blackwood
 binding and simple red line.



Left: Rosebud on Bridge. This optional rosebud on the bridge matches rosebud headstock logo. It can be placed on one or both ends of the bridge. The bud is available in either mother-of-pearl or colorful abalone. The bud is sometimes available in certain colors (such as pink or yellow). 





Sound Ports

Subtle sound port located on the
lower bout. Why the lower bout?
That's where the energy is created
and it aims at the right ear as you play.









Venetian (Soft)

Florentine (sharp)




Bevels may be one of the more important
innovations to the guitar since it's inception.
My bevels significantly increase the player's
reach and comfort while adding no
appreciable weight to the guitar. Also,
contrary to popular lore, bevels do not
significantly impact tone.  









Heel Caps & Side Fillets





Madagascar Rosewood heel cap
on Brazilian Rosewood body.

Asian Ebony Body, Brazilian
 Rosewood heel cap and binding

Brazilian Rosewood body

Ebony heel cap on flamed Koa body

A different angle of Brazilian above.
Heel cap continues the pattern of the
guitar back.

A different angle of Koa above.
 This photo enlarges to 8X

Striped Macassar Ebony body.
Right: Close-up of heel cap on this guitar


Malaysian Blackwood

Brazilian Rosewood heel cap 
against Bloodwood binding.

Paua Pearl purfling all around,
African Blackwood back, sides 
and heel cap.

African Blackwood heel cap/binding
 on Brazilian rosewood  body.

Quilted Maple binding and Heel cap
on Brazilian Rosewood body.


African Blackwood back/sides with African
Blackwood sapwood binding and heel cap.




End Grafts 

There is no charge for end pins.


African Blackwood graft on Brazilian Rosewood body


Brazilian Rosewood end graft and body



Madagascar Rosewood on Brazilian Rosewood body


Brazilian Rosewood on Madagascar Rosewood body


Bois De Rose on Brazilian Rosewood body


Bois De Rose on Brazilian Rosewood body



Quilted Maple end graft, binding, and comfort bevel
on Brazilian Rosewood dreadnought




Premium Bindings

Finest wood binding choices include
African Blackwood, Flamed Koa,
Ebony, Flamed Walnut, Flamed
Maple,Striped Macassar Ebony,
Brazilian Rosewood,and Amazon

See other binding choices in 
the bevel and end graft photos

Red Abalone Heart Pearl top edge purfling
against flamed Koa binding

Premium flamed Koa binding

African Blackwood binding, white/black/white/black
 mitered side purfling, Brazilian Rosewood side.

Fully Compensated Saddle

1/8" saddle. All strings are compensated
 in relation to one another.

Walrus fossil ivory saddle. Blue Paua pearl
 bridge pin dots match pearl rosette.









Fingerboards and Special
Inlay Designs

Fingerboards are high quality
ebony unless requested otherwise.
Bound fingerboards are optional and
are available in a variety of designs.

Inlay designs are endless!


New Avalon Jewel design graces the
20th Anniversary Swannanoa Gathering guitar.


New Avalon Jewel 12th fret
 marker in select Blue Paua pearl.

Optional Blue Paua floral design by Tom Ellis.

Fret tangs are below the surface for
smooth action and aesthetic simplicity.




This clear pickguard is very difficult to spot
on this custom guitar.
Other pickguards are available as well.



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