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Prices, Standard Items,
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A Word About Commissioning A Guitar from Gerald

Your order is the beginning of a relationship between you and the builder. If you wish, you will be involved in the decision making process of building your instrument. It is more important for you to find the guitar that meets your wants and needs than it is for me to sell lots of options; therefore I will help you choose wisely regarding value.

I will help you learn about woods and materials. We can use your playing style, physical characteristics, playing venues, and personal preferences as benchmarks to discuss the elements of tone, playability, intonation, aesthetics, and volume. As much as possible I will try to dispel myths and lore so you can make intelligent decisions about the design of your instrument. 

Just as important, please do not feel intimidated about what you may not know. While my expertise is guitars, yours may be something else. I will help you understand the lingo and the names guitar parts so you can feel confident in our discussions. 

Sheppard Madrigal Multi-scale Grand Concert
Two octave extended fingerboard, Master grade Swiss
Spruce Top, Madagascar Rosewood sides and back,
African Blackwood binding and cutaway bevel.



Standard Guitar Body Styles
~ Prices are the same for all body styles ~

Petite Concert
Grand Concert
Grand Auditorium


Standard Models


What are standard models?
Standard models are pre-chosen "option packages", for lack of a better term. These packages give  you discounts as opposed to " la carte" menus. Each of these designs are available in any body style. Of course, instruments may be customized to your specifications. Some fees may apply.

The Minstrel - $10,000

  Includes these features:  

  • All Master Grade wood construction
  • East Indian Rosewood, or Mahogany back and sides
  • Choice of master grade top woods including Western Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, or Sitka Spruce
  • Bone nut and fully compensated saddle
  • Abalone Crown position markers (optional markers are available)
  • Adirondack (Red) Spruce bracing (considered the best)
  • Fully Scalloped top bracing
  • Fine quality Ebony fingerboard, bridge and headstock overlay
  • .135" wide Select Blue Paua Abalone Pearl rosette
  • Ebony/Abalone eye bridge pins
  • MOP Inlayed Sheppard "S" logo
  • Paua pearl or white fingerboard side dots (your choice)
  • Dyed purflings - several color options
  • Choice of Ebony, Koa, Bloodwood, or Curly Maple binding
  • Two-way double-action truss rod
  • Carbon fiber reinforced neck for significantly increased stability
  • Gotoh tuners 
  • High gloss finish
  • High quality hard-shell case
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Minstrel Label Designation


The Madrigal - $11,000

    Features include all those of the Minstrel plus:   

  • Special Abalone Pearl Wing/Crown design position markers 
  • Super 510 Gotoh tuners (other brands available)
  • Select Blue Paua Abalone pearl backstripe 
  • Select Blue Paua Abalone either side of the end graft
  • Walrus Fossil Ivory nut and fully compensated saddle 
  • Madrigal Label Designation 


The Ave Maria - $12,400

   Features include all those of the Madrigal plus:   

  • Select Blue Paua Abalone pearl rosette
  • Avalon Jewel Position Markers
  • Select Blue Paua Abalone top perimeter inlayed purfling (your choice of .025" Narrowline, .047", or .063" wide 
  • Bound headstock and fingerboard
  • Four piece mitered side purfling
  • Gotoh Super 510 tuner buttons w/composite buttons
  • Ave Maria Label Designation

*Base prices for standard features each model as described above. Prices shown do not include shipping, taxes where applicable, or any other fees.


Summary of Standard Features for all Guitars


Standard Materials


Top Western Red Cedar, Engelmann Spruce, Sitka Spruce    Your choice, included in base price. Other optional woods are available, see list below. 
Back & Sides East Indian Rosewood, or Honduran Mahogany Your choice, included in base price. Other optional woods are available, see list below.
Rosette - Choice Blue Paua Abalone  Pearl

No charge

  Optional rosette styles are available, please ask.


Tuners Minstrel: Gotoh 503 
Madrigal and Ave Maria: Gotoh Super 510.
Others available. 
Binding Ebony, Koa, or Curly Maple, Bloodwood   Other wood bindings are available.  Ask about availability. Also see bindings in "options list" below. 

Bridge Pins

Ebony/Abalone Eye Fossil Mammoth and Walrus Ivory Pins are available.
Saddles and Nuts Minstrel: Bone
Madrigal and Ave Maria: Fossil Walrus Ivory
Neck Honduras Mahogany (USA sales)
African Mahogany (Exports from USA)



Fingerboard Position
Minstrel: Simple Crowns
Madrigal & Ave Maria: Select Blue Paua Pearl Wing/Crown Design, 
Select Blue Paua Pearl Avalon Jewel Design 
  Please ask about several other optional designs available.
Purfling Deluxe dyed combinations of various colors.   
Heel Cap Matches binding and end piece.  
Case Deluxe hard-shell "luthier" quality.  Several brands of flight cases are available including Hoffee, and Calton. There is an upcharge for these cases.


Optional Appointments and Features

Left Handed  Model n/c
Ebony Bound Headstock 
w/red dyed Purfling Line
- w/select Blue Paua Pearl Purfling

$300 ($250 on Ave Maria)
Ebony Bound Fingerboard 
- w/red dyed Purfling Line
- w/select Blue Paua Pearl Purfling

$150, $200 on 23 fret extended fingerboard
$400,  $500 on 23 fret extended fingerboard
Special bindings:
Flamed Koa Binding
Brazilian Rosewood
Macassar Ebony
African Blackwood
Ask about others 
Cut-away, Venetian (round) or 
Florentine (sharp)   

Select Blue Paua Abalone Pearl top perimeter inlay purfling. Your choice
of .025" Narrowline, .047", or .063" wide 


What is "Narrowline" Pearl?
"Narrowline" is a very narrow, and very elegant line of Select Blue Paua pearl inlay. Aesthetically it means "less is more," because it allows an understated look, while imparting the iridescence of pearl. Ask about choosing "Narrowline" pearl anywhere standard pearl is normally used for the same price.

Select Blue Paua Abalone Pearl Purfling Along Both Edges of  Florentine Cutaway  $200 


Select Blue Paua Abalone Pearl Backstripe $200 (no charge on Madrigal and Ave Maria)
Mitered Side Purfling
Select Blue Paua Side Purfling 
$250 (This a single or double wood fiber line cut at a miter in the corners)
Wood/Pearl Combination Rosette $400 (Includes matching binding, heel cap and end wedge and Select Blue Paua pearl.
Sound Port $150 (Standard oval in lower bout) Other locations are available.
Players Comfort Bevel
Player's Waist Bevel
Cutaway Bevel
All three

$900 (Across side/top transition of lower bout under players arm) 
$800 (across upper back/side transition in waist of guitar)
$600 (allows easier access to higher frets)
23 fret Extended Fingerboard $200
Select Blue Paua Abalone Pearl Rosette (.135") Standard, no charge
Special pearl designs such as rose on headstock, rosebud logo, fingerboard floral design, and rosebud on bridge.   Please ask Gerald.


Mammoth and Walrus fossil ivory nuts, saddles, bridge pins, strap pins, and end pins. Please ask Gerald.
Scale Length, string spacing, and nut width Spec. guitar scales are usually 24.9", 25.4" or 25.5".  Spec string spacing at the saddle is usually 2-1/4". Standard nut width is 1-3/4" on GC & GA, and 1-11/16" on D and J.  (ask about other available scale lengths and fingerboard widths).  
Tuning Machine Options On Minstrel: Gotoh Super 510s, add $60. Gotoh Super 510s w/Ebony Composite Buttons, add $85. 

On Madrigal or Ave Maria: Gotoh Super 510s w/Ebony Composite Buttons, add $40. 

Other button colors and types available. Some Super 510 models are higher. 

Mini Tuners are available. 
Other options:

Shallow or deeper body (depth at tail block)

Custom Neck Profile
Custom nut width only


Usually no charge

$280 (includes custom nut width)

Learn about
fine tonewoods - (Click here to learn about tonewoods)


Tops (Master Grade)

Western Red Cedar
Engelmann Spruce
Sitka Spruce 

Master Grade - No Extra Charge

Adirondack (Red) Spruce $700 (Based upon market prices for master grade) Lower grades are less costly.
European Spruce (German, Bosnian, 
Carpathian, Caucasian, Italian) 
Master Grade - $500, AAA Grade $300
Swiss Spruce Master Grade - $800, AAA Grade $500
Sinker Redwood Master Grade - $350 (Limited Supply - Beautiful!)
Back & Sides 
In-stock photos are available during the build process
African Blackwood 
     - Two piece backs with sapwood, when available.
     - Two Piece backs, no sapwood 
     - Four piece backs
Amazon Rosewood
Flamed Australian Blackwood (Black Acacia)

Brazilian Rosewood

Bubinga (African Rosewood)
Sacha Rosewood - Higuerilla

Flamed Koa
Flamed or Quilted Maple
Striped Macassar Ebony

Malaysian Blackwood
Flamed Claro Walnut
Quilted Mahogany
Madagascar Rosewood

(Excellent sets)

$500 - $850
Based upon figure and degree of flame - please ask.

$4000 - $8000
(Based upon quality and availability) USA Sales only. (Excellent sets available including some straight grain)

$200, (Curly $300 and up)

$500 - $1000 (Based upon availability and figure)
$300 - $600 (Based upon availability and figure)
$750-$1250 (Based upon availability and figure)

$800 (May vary somewhat depending upon market and quality)
Please Ask
Please Ask
$800 (4 piece backs), $1,000 - $1,400 (2 piece backs, based upon degree of figure) USA only.
Ask about other wood alternatives.


A $1,000 deposit is required upon commissioning of the instrument. Deposit is non-refundable if the order is cancelled after thirty days of order date, or before receipt of the instrument.  The deposit helps defray initial expenses and guarantees you a spot in the production schedule at the price quoted. The balance is due at time of shipment. In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase and there is no damage to the guitar, you may return it within three days for a full refund minus shipping charges. Highly customized instruments may require a larger deposit and may have other restrictions with regard to refunds. Approximate delivery/build time will be posted on quote at time of commissioning.  Prices do not include government fees, inspection fees, customs fees, taxes, shipping/insurance costs or any other fees. I charge actual cost for shipping and insurance. There is no charge for packaging and handling. Items shipped to destinations within the state of Tennessee are subject to Tennessee state sales tax. All instruments are backed by a limited lifetime warranty to the original owner. Lifetime means the lifetime of my business. 

Guitars About Order & Contact Information
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